Local Food Bento Menu

6 Items - $9.80+ per set (min 30 sets)
Choose 1 item from each category

Delivery Charges - $30+ per location
Free Delivery for orders above $400+
*Vegetarian options available

Carbohydrate (Choice Of 1 Item)
Steamed Jasmine White Rice
Pineapple Fried Rice
Oriental Fried Rice
Nasi Goreng
Vegetarian Bee Hoon
Mee Goreng
Fried Kway Teoy

Vegetables (Choice Of 1 Item)
Wok Fried Spinach with Mushrooms
Nai Bai with Garlic
Sambal Egg plant
Kai Lan with Garlic
Xiao Bai Chye with Oyster Sauce
Broccoli with Enoki Mushroom

Poultry (Choice Of 1 Item)
Sweet and Sour Chicken
Deep Fried Chicken Mid Joint
Lemon Chicken Cutlets
Wok Fried Black Pepper Chicken
’Kong Po’ Chicken Cubes
Steamed Chicken with Ginger
Curry Chicken with Potatoes

Tofu/Eggs (Choice Of 1 Item)
Braised Tofu with Mixed Vegetable
’Ma Po’ Tofu
Deep Fried Cheese Tofu
Stir Fried Eggs with Tomatoes
Chinese Omelette with Onion

Fish (Choice Of 1 Item)
Sweet and Sour Fish
Ginger and Scallion Fish Fillet
Black Pepper Fish Fillet
Sambal Fish Fillet
Steamed Fish with Soya Sauce
’Kong Po’ Fish Fillet
Steamed Fish with Seafood Sauce

Dessert (Choice Of 1 Item)
Fruit Cocktail